NURIA Delivers Soft Yet Powerful Ballad ALL WE DREAMED

By Vee D

It feels like there are not enough ballads around anymore, because they may have ‘gone out of fashion’. But Tasmanian-born Nuria has proven that this is certainly not the case. In her latest release, All We Dreamed. The songstress provides a delightful crossing between modern production and a classic piano-led ballad, with a powerful and brooding vocal to result in something quite spectacular.

With an album under her name already, Nuria follows her longing ambition of making music a long-term reality and career. It is hard to see how she has not reached this goal already, with such a potent combination of sounds and natural ability for songwriting for large audiences around the globe. We are all the while excited to see what Nuria will conjure up next on her exciting journey.

Nuria describes the process behind the track: “All we dreamed charts the evolution of love, and how in the chaos of everyday life we can lose sight of the fact that perhaps all we have is all we dreamed of. This passionate, ballad of love brings focus from the mundane, onto what is beautiful and to be cherished.”