Nu-Disco Producer MARK LOWER Takes on Remix for PEPPERMINT HEAVEN

The UK Producer Creates a Sun-Drenched, Poolside Disco Banger


U.S duo Peppermint Heaven have long been familiar to us for their innate ability to bring the sounds of the 80’s to a modern context. They’re also, incredible adept at curating remixers to take their sound into a different genre and with their latest EP, they’ve repeated that trick. 

Nu-Disco connoisseur Mark Lower, is fast becoming known for his unique, chilled out Disco style having worked with the likes of Yusek. But on the new Peppermint Heaven single he’s outdone himself. Taking a track that was energetic in it’s approach and applying a chilled, beach-ready style is done with aplomb. 

Listen in full below…