Novaé brings you on an introspective trip with her EP ‘444’

"Being less serious and more carefree. And most importantly loving myself”
20 July 2023

Novaé, an R&B artist from northwest London, adds her own unique flavour to her music by blending it with other cool genres like Neo Soul and Jazz.

After dropping the lush track Grow last month, Novaé has released the perfect EP called 444. “It means slowing down and being present. explains Novaé – Expressing more gratitude. Being less serious and more carefree. And most importantly loving myself.”

Her music is deeply influenced by her life experiences, personal relationships, and faith. Her music is a reflection of love, healing, and the significance of living in the moment

With a sweet and affectionate production style that perfectly complements her enchanting singing, she establishes herself as a remarkable emerging artist to keep an eye on.

If you’re into Jaz Karis or Cleo Sol, then you definitely don’t want to sleep on this amazing new artist.

Novaé‘s ongoing quest to find herself is truly captivating. She managed to balance ethereal melodies and catchy hooks.

It’s the kind of music that draws you in and takes you on a reflective journey. When you listen to her music, you’re in for a truly immersive sonic journey.

The singer keeps getting inspiration from other artists and adds unique twists to her music, making it enjoyable and surprising. Her calm yet captivating style is a perfect fit for all the fans of alternative R&B.

She’s got major inspiration from artists like Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, Teedra Moses, Greentea Peng, and Cleo Sol. They are highly talented musicians that influence her style.

Novaé is not just singing and writing songs, she is also a boss when it comes to creative direction. But that’s not all – she’s got a knack for poetry and painting too. She wants to bring all these creative talents together on her musical journey.

Photo by Sian Hermione