Nostalgic charm. Yaz León drops mesmerizing narrative with ‘Mouthwash’

"I swear 'Mouthwash' was meant to be a pop song. It’s become a bit more of a mental breakdown in audio"
10 April 2024

Ahead of Bleach EP

Imbued with a nostalgic charm, West-London’s burgeoning singer-songwriter, Yaz León, unveils her latest mesmerizing narrative, Mouthwash, offering a glimpse into her upcoming Bleach EP. Departing from the experimental flair of AAA/Triple A, Yaz León’s distinct lyricism and genre-defying sound establish her as a rising star in the making.

Known for her gentle melodies, Mouthwash injects a surge of vitality as the songstress embarks on a fresh creative journey. With its acoustic-driven production, Mouthwash evokes memories of summer days from the 2010s.

Against an infectious percussive backdrop and Yaz León’s unmistakable vocals, the track offers a preppy glimpse into the EP’s anticipated themes. Infused with a dreamy essence, the song navigates a tentative romance, as Yaz León wrestles with intrusive thoughts and the aftermath of a failed relationship.

Reflecting on the song’s meaning, Yaz León shares, “I swear Mouthwash was meant to be a pop song. It’s become a bit more of a mental breakdown in audio. I go on singing about weighing the good and painful bits of a relationship. So, lyrically it’s all over the place. Sometimes I’m taking the piss out of my astoundingly bad judgement and sometimes I’m trying to be a little kinder. There’s clearly a lack of closure so it’s hard to focus on one emotion. But I like that”

Set to feature on her upcoming Bleach EP, Yaz León continues to evolve with each release. With a penchant for pushing sonic boundaries, she embraces vulnerability, creating music that resonates with authenticity. Hailing from West London, the Spanish-Iraqi artist, producer, and singer-songwriter seamlessly blends indie and soul elements to craft emotionally charged compositions​ .

After the triumph of her debut EP, ITS ONLY TAKEOUT MA in 2022, Yaz León boldly chronicles her twenties, infusing her lyrics with unapologetic charm to craft a captivating sound.