‘Nostalgia’ by Avi Misra is something very special

If you're into Synth-wave and Dark-pop with a touch of Hindustani textures then this album is a must-have.
28 April 2023

Avi Misra‘s fifth album Nostalgia is strongly inspired by Indian classical styles of songwriting, melodies and instruments. If you like Synth-wave and Dark-pop with a hint of Hindustani textures then this album is a no-brainer.

One Connection (Brahmaan) kicks off the album, blending all the great stuff from Rock classics, while adding a hint of Electronic and Hindustani sounds. – Misra’s got some genius, musically-speaking – he’s blending together Radiohead-style chords, timeless instrumentals and Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour vibes to create something truly special.

The title track of the album Nostalgia is a great blend of dreamy synths, funk-driven guitar and bass and amazing vocals. Misra has a special talent for combining classic rock sensibility with electronic experiments, and this song is a great example of this.

Misra’s newest album is super diverse in its topics, so it appeals to pretty much anyone – no surprise it’s called Nostalgia. In his reflections during the lockdown, he fondly remembered the days of his childhood and adolescence in New Delhi, as well as his birth city Tokyo. He also recalled the delicate rhythms of his first love in 90s Delhi.

Magic Carpet has a great groove with awesome bass and synths, Free Mind Soldier is all about the angst of being a teen and rebelling. The emotional Mama the imaginative The Wind (Dad’s Story Of Souls) are just some of the topics explored in ‘Nostalgia’, a loving tribute to his parents.

This album is full of soulful sounds, catchy melodies and detailed layers. You can feel the genuine emotion that Misra put into every track, just like all his music.

Avi Misra really went all out with his self-produced album, using some pretty iconic synths like the Moog System 55, Yamaha CS 80 and Hammond Novachord at Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (M.E.S.S.).

Around 10 years ago, Avi Misra ventured into India’s underground music world as an acoustic balladeer and formed the aptly-named band Avi And The Uprising – soon becoming quite a sensation among local fans.

It’s clear to see the influence of classic bands like The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Who, Depeche Mode and New Order in this artist’s work.

Avi Misra’s music is filled with amazingly deep and transcendent poetry, he’s definitely someone interesting to follow in terms of music, so make sure you follow his journey!