Norwegian Pop Sensation jens Shares Upbeat Funk New EP

By Vasco Dega

The Bergen-Based Songwriter Shares an Irresistible Pop EP.

Quickly making a name for himself as one of the most exciting acts coming out of the Nordics, songwriter jens returns with an outstanding, unapologetically pop new EP. Already supported across Spotify’s New Music Friday ecosystem and driving new fans worldwide, jens seems to be custom-made for stardom with his undeniably catchy, rhythmic pop sound. 

It’s a far cry from jenshumble beginnings on a small island outside the rainy city of Bergen. Growing up, he was focused on making indie rock music. After forming numerous bands with friends and performing the dimly lit live music circuit across Norway, jens soon felt his musical future was heading in a different direction. He soon found himself obsessed with writing upbeat pop hooks and slowly diversified until jens the solo artist was born. 

The new EP is a journey through feel-good, upbeat pop gems that are perfectly suited to the weekend playlist. Rich in elements of disco and funk, the EP also includes a collaboration with K-Pop rising star Youha. Listen to the EP in full below

“The EP consists of songs written over the last year or so and every song is based on events that have been meaningful to me during that time. To me the EP feels like a time capsule from my own life. At the same time I really believe that it will resonate with other people as well, and if it flops then at least my mom got some new tunes to listen to.


Photo by Sigurd Fandango