Norwegian 5-Piece LAZY QUEEN Share GUTTED

It’s a Raw and Unhinged EP Track Exploring Deep-Rooted Issues

By Frank Bell

“Recovery isn’t linear, it’s continuous work, and it’s okay to make mistakes along the way.” – LQ

Gutted the latest chapter in the Lazy Queen story, explores a time after lead singer Henrik had a moment of clarity that their lifestyle had to make a drastic change. The track explores their feeling of looking towards the future, making genuinely positive movements towards a healthy mindset and feeling a truer connection with their music than ever before. 

Even through their own, individual battles, the passion for music and playing live was consistent. The product of an international meeting of minds between New York and Oslo, the band started out on a hectic and determined touring schedule across the Nordic live scene. Set on becoming the most raucous live act in Norway, they built a loyal fanbase through their pissed off, reckless bubble punk style. 

Gutted, is a true Lazy Queen gem in production and sound. Wasting no time in exposing their distorted, energetic sounds – The track gloriously combines elements of catchy pop hooks with raw, Alt-rock energy

Listen in full below:


Photo by Fabian Framdal Fjeldvik