North Axis Project: Breaking confines with ‘Dhin Dhin Na’

"The idea was to create a vibrant track played for a perfect Indian celebration & festivals"
26 October 2023

North Axis Project, led by the versatile artist Siddharth Bhayani, is making waves with their latest single, Dhin Dhin Na. A dynamic soundscape where traditional beats collide with electronic waves​. Following the enchanting success of previous singles Minar and Haveli, this new track is a pulsating fusion of Indian percussion instruments, modulated vocals, and an invigorating electronic ​g​roove.

Drawing inspiration from the 90s record Taal by A. R. Rahman, Dhin Dhin Na creates a nostalgic connection to beats commonly found on the streets of India. It’s a perfect addition to your dance playlists, injecting a burst of flavor into the electronic scene.

The track, as Siddharth describes it,​ “strikes the balance of electronic and percussive pumped electronic street dance music and an instant connection to nostalgic beats which are commonly found on streets of India…the idea was to create a vibrant track played for a perfect Indian celebration & festivals”.

Starting as a DJ in 2008 and later evolving into a rock drummer for a local alt-rock band, Siddharth Bhayani’s musical exploration took a turn towards electronic music production in 2014. Despite initial setbacks with the limited success of his EP Sungod, Siddharth persevered, refining his unique soundscapes.

At the core of North Axis Project is a grand vision—a celebration of India’s diverse culture and traditions through the fusion of Indian classical, Arabic oriental, and European baselines. The name itself, drawing inspiration from architecture, reflects the translation of architectural elements into mesmerizing melodies. The project’s exceptional talent was recognized with a nomination for ‘Best Electronic Artist of the Year’ at the TIMD Awards, establishing Siddharth as a rising star in the electronic music scene.

With influences from Indian maestros A. R. Rahman and Sivamani, North Axis Project is carving a niche that resonates with both traditional and modern music enthusiasts. Each release adds another layer to their impactful presence in the scene. To embark on this musical journey, follow North Axis Project through the links below and witness the creation of a sound that is truly like no other.