NORDIR share some “Inner Child” wisdom with their new single

"The inner child needs a lot of love and warmth. Otherwise life is agonizing, no matter how many achievements and symbols you collect."
12 May 2022

By Vanessa B

Indie electropop duo, NORÐIR unveils their heartwarming and thoughtful single “Inner Child (1987)” out today and answers some QuickFire Questions alongside it.

Based in Ulm, Germany, the forward-thinking pair’s sound encompasses an edgy 80s synth-pop, tinged with 60s psychedelia and contemporary indie sensibilities. It’s a tender yet sophisticated single, with an echoing vocal delivery that invites the listener to take a step back in time and say hello to their inner child who “wants to play”, while retro synths and drumbeats provide a nostalgic backdrop.

Viktor and Lars, both born in 1987, describe themselves as “two liberal-minded full-blooded musicians with a fascination for time travel and world history.” They position themselves against xenophobia and racism, regularly participating in peace festivals like Festival Contre Le Racisme, Pax Terra Musica and the Ulmer Friedenswochen.

Check out the official music video for “Inner Child 1987″ and our interview with Viktor below.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

as a small child I dreamed of becoming a cosmonaut, and then a somewhat more realistic goal, a pilot! then I became fascinated by music and singing, coupled with graphic designs for beautiful atmospheric covers. this crystallized very early on, that I created my own worlds and felt very comfortable with it. I didn’t have to search for a long time. so it’s also a very harmonious development to my professional status currently with my own media agency and my musical projects. these are both areas that fulfill me very much!

Are you in touch with your inner child?

For a few years I am and still, it is a process that inspired me a lot to write this new song “Inner Child (1987)”. A big step to this was the book “Radical Acceptance” by Tara Brach, after the first reading it’s like a kind of amazement, how simple everything can actually be, if you look inside yourself. Of course it is still a lot of work of self-reflection, but the first realization is like a gift of awakening. The inner child needs a lot of love and warmth. Otherwise life is agonizing, no matter how many achievements and symbols you collect.

For me it becomes very clear: striving for perfection, a better version of oneself and wisdom is not the source of happiness: much more it is the attention, sympathy as well as helpfulness towards the inner child, which makes unconditional self-love and the feeling of happiness possible at all.

What qualities do you strive to embody in your music?

I would like to capture the feeling, the deep emotion of wonder about life as a miracle in music. it is tremendously fascinating that our world exists. we simply must not forget that, I think. we humans go about all our daily worries and lose ourselves in consumption. but the fact that we are racing through the cosmos on a planet at an unimaginable speed should be clear to everyone. then you simply have a completely different approach to life as such, and know how to appreciate it more. a mysterious, mystical thing, this life. that’s what I want to communicate with my music and with my visual art!

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Not to be afraid of making mistakes and being judged.
I find that it is precisely this fear that paralyzes us from daring to do anything at all. this leads to a very average life of security and a certain stagnation. a feeling that can make one very sad, especially in old age. so the answer, I think, is to confront the fear of failing on a permanent basis. and to get up again and again. to learn and grow! and then to look back on an eventful, exciting life and to say: yes, I have lived to the fullest. A growth mindset is your best friend on this adventure. This is the topic of our last single “Letter To My Younger Self (2006)”

What was the first album you purchased?

the first album I purchased was Depeche Mode’s “Exciter”. I was 13 years back then. Of course, at that time I listened to other music from the charts, which were common for my age, but this band already had a tremendous fascination for me. Thanks to my parents, who have brought me up quasi musically with their musical taste. I’m very grateful for that because then I was only attracted to music that had a certain depth and a high degree of emotion and creativity. This is also the goal in my own music!

What are the best places to connect with you and follow your journey?

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Photo credits: Thomas Hofmann