Nordic Risers LAZY QUEEN Battle With Sobriety & Normality on New Single…

SOBER Recounts an Extremely Personal Experience for Singer Henrik

Some of the best music and indeed, art out there, doesn’t shy away from difficult issues and personal demons. Norwegian indie-punk 5-piece Lazy Queen have made this approach their personal brand, with their last single exploring lead singer Henrik’s experiences with addiction. The new single, by contrast, explores their ongoing battle with Sobriety. 

Born in Columbia, lead singer Henrik has struggled with Displacement from a young age. Years of moving culminated in an experience moving to New York, which was both character building and harrowing for the young musician. Struggling with issues of Mental health, addiction & identity, Henrik found himself in a dark place. 

Henrik has since moved to Oslo, where along with Lazy Queen, they explore some of the darker times through the vehicle of raw, spirited indie punk. The new single is a prime example of this approach. Feral from the start, it’s a track the explores the non-linear nature of sobriety. 

The new single Sober, sonically appropriates that despondent, empty feeling after the party has come to a painful ending. Still emboldened with the raw, Lazy Queen spirit – It’s a potent, yet melancholic exploration of working to find balance and normality. 


Photo by Lukka Fogie