Nonô Shares ‘Nothing To Me’ Video

Excitingly refreshing pop songstress Nonô shares a sleek video – shot by London film duo Temptress – for ‘Nothing To Me’. The track showcase her knack for catchy yet clever & punchy pop production.

The Brazilian artist explains: “‘Nothing To Me’ was inspired by when we receive texts from various boy lixo or girl lixo (lixo means ‘trash’ in Brazilian slang). The song is about moving past these situations and no longer tolerating these behaviours. I wanted the production of the song to have a beat similar to Funk Carioca but mixing it with Electro-Pop elements.”

On moving to London, Nonô reveals…”life got even more real. Everyday is a challenge — you always have to prove yourself, your worth, and have to know that it is difficult making it out here but you can’t let yourself be affected by these things. You always have to keep pushing forwards”.