There’s nowhere on earth where women have the same opportunities as men – but it’s women living in the poorest parts of the planet who are hit hardest by the injustice of gender inequality…The ONE Campaign and Don’t Panic reveal a powerful video, to raise awareness of an issue that as become more crucial and relevant than ever, calling on viewers to take action for the women hardest hit by gender inequality – those living in extreme poverty.

The strong video – by Don’t Panic – draws a much-needed attention to the treatment of women in the workplace, issues like child marriage, girls’ access to education, and gender roles. To date, over one million people have taken action through Poverty is Sexist to make sure girls get the health care, education, and opportunities they deserve. ONE’s Creative Director Meagan Bond said: “You don’t need to be a girl in Uganda to understand what it would mean to be held back from school because you have your period. You don’t need to be a woman in Congo to imagine what it would feel like to be denied a bank loan because you don’t have a husband…”