Nomina unveils Amapiano’s thought-provoking song ‘Rice’

"It's about turning lemons into lemonade"
15 March 2023

Pamela Nothando Bhulu, better known as Nomina, is an Amapiano singer-songwriter with a world-class appeal. She hails from Botswana but was born in Plumtree, Zimbabwe and she just dropped her new jam called Rice – The track is super fun, lively and full of super vibes.

Rice has all the essential elements of South African Amapiano music and moves to the dance floor with haunting flute sections, filter sweeps, and a hook line that leaves you grooving.

The track mixes and brings a mixture of cool instruments with a strong message that is conveyed in English, Ndebele and even a little Chinese. Nomina‘s music is trying to get us to rethink how we look at rice – the basic food of so many diets. She dishes out inspiring words: “now this song gives hope and courage to say even if we still struggle like that, we’re still going to put rice on the table. It’s about turning lemons into lemonade“.

Nomina was brought up in Botswana with her siblings and supported by her mother, who was a member of the Embassy of South Africa and who participated in the election of Nelson Mandela. When she was young, she tragically lost both of her parents which led her to Germany. That’s when her musical career really got off the ground.

Her song Amadlozi was a massive hit in 2019, reaching the top of the US Urban Radio Chart and staying there for 10 weeks. It even made it onto MTV Base Africa. Not a year later, the video for ‘Fetish Daddy’ garnered nearly 2M views on YouTube and landed spots on BBC Radio and Phoenix Radio. Her debut Ampaiano track ‘Luthando Lo’ was an instant hit in Zimbabwe when it dropped, unbelievably, the song stayed at number 1 for 6 weeks on the Top 20 Radio charts; her song Komm mit mir, released in September 2022, has been a hit in Zimbabwe – dominating the Shazam charts and breaking into the top 10 radio charts.

Nomina still holds the post of World Peace Berlin Ambassador, representing Germany in the U.N. Not only that, she has her own charity called Allrights Charity Association and recently started a food programme named ‘#StopHungerInZW‘.

There is no doubt that Nomina is a powerhouse in every way, and her music career is going places; we’re going to keep an eye on her, that’s for sure.