Photo by Tam Akiko

Noah Solt unveils new single ‘Ever Been’ ahead of debut album ‘Big Water’

The production took place at the legendary FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, under the guidance of GRAMMY®-recognized producer Starita
8 February 2024

Noah Solt’s latest song, Ever Been, combines his folk storytelling heritage with Americana to explore the path of life after heartbreak. The track provides listeners with a mix of thoughtful introspection and a hint of melancholy.  This release promises to be a mere glimpse into the rich tapestry of his upcoming debut album, Big Water, which explores deeper themes of self-reflection and the essence of hope.

Solt’s previous singles, Spheres, After All, and The Fold, have already marked him as a noteworthy voice in contemporary chamber pop and acoustic rock, receiving our full attention and appreciation. His music has also enjoyed Top 10 placements across over 300 Spotify playlists, resonating with fans of the commercial yet confessional indie folk genre, akin to the likes of Noah Kahan.Raised in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Solt’s journey to music was as unconventional as it is inspiring.

Opting out of a traditional path at Berklee College of Music during the COVID-19 pandemic, he pursued a life at sea as a professional sailor. It was against the backdrop of the ocean’s vast beauty and power that Solt found his greatest muse, penning the tracks for Big Water under the influence of the sea’s transformative nature.

Photo by Tam Akiko

The production of Ever Been, along with the entirety of Big Water, took place at the legendary FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, under the guidance of GRAMMY®-recognized producer Starita. Known for his unique blend of electronic, dance, ambient, and classical music, Starita has crafted a lush soundscape that complements Solt’s evocative songwriting and melodic prowess. The track, inspired by Solt’s journey towards self-love after a breakup, aims to convey a message of self-sufficiency and hope to its listeners.

Starita and Solt, along with the Muscle Shoals in-studio band The Slow Burners, have encapsulated the essence of reflection and peace in Ever Been, a sentiment that resonates throughout the track. The collaboration with The Slow Burners has enriched the production, bringing a depth and richness to the sound that Solt finds particularly meaningful. He credits the collaborative process with making his music feel more personal than ever before.

Ever Been emerges as a standout track on Big Water, highlighting Solt’s talent for expressing the intricate nuances of human emotion in his music.  His personal stories of hope and resilience are intertwined with the melody, inviting listeners to embark on their journey of healing and self-discovery. With stunning visuals by Tam Akiko, who also led the creative direction, and released under Starita Records, a division of Starita Music, Noah Solt’s journey is one of artistic exploration and personal triumph. 

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