Noah Becker drops the punchy and super edgy ‘Triple It’ feat. Julian Soto

"It's about the meeting of two friends during the commute to each of their own destinations"
13th April 2023

Noah Becker has just released a new track called Triple It feat. Julian Soto, to give fans a sneak peek at the album he’s working on, called Heaven Yeah.

After dropping his previous single Lethal, that has already been streamed over 300k times so far, Becker comes back with the shiny new jam, sure to get your full attention once more.

Noah Becker from Munich, Germany, knows how to assemble great music which is punchy and super edgy, with his unique voice and writing style.

A unique mix of alternative hip hop, electronic vibes and otherworldly sounds – all together to create a transformative soundscape.

Becker explains: “Triple it is about the meeting of two friends during the commute to each of their own destinations and their conversation on how they both got there.”

Mixing together blessed rapping with electronic hip hop tunes, creating a perfect blend of melodic and celestial sounds, Noah Becker has just come up with something new, perfect for diving into its ambient and reflective atmosphere.

The multi-talented artist totally nails it with his rapping and the beats, melodies and hooks make the song shine.

In 2017, Noah started Baketown and it quickly became a popular spot for all kinds of artists. People from all types of art disciplines were steadily drawn in. This art center provides artists and collaborators with a platform to authentically explore their culture and surroundings.

Noah Becker‘s work is a unique combination of real stories and mysterious elements, with a bit of darkness added, has made his sound complex yet natural and organic.

Photos by Jascha Müller-Guthof and Franky Puentes