The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner spawn have no plans as of now to create another Kardashian spin-off show.

“No, not right now,” the Kylie and Kendall tell Hollyscoop at the Teen Choice Awards.

But what they are up to “right now” is writing a book, and not just any autobiography about two rich teens growing up in the spotlight of Hollywood, these girls are co-authoring a science fiction novel! I cannot make this up…

“We’re writing a book right now,” Kylie tells us, “We have a co-writer to help us, but it’s pretty much all us…we’re very hands on.”

Kendall adds that “the book is sci-fi, and it’s set in the future, but that’s all we can say.”

“There’s a lot to it, but we don’t want to say anything…it should be amazing. We’re both really excited about it,” says Kylie.

The girls are also moving further into the fashion world. They are already full-fledged runway models but now the girls want to start designing their own collection, “We’re definitely thinking about it,” says Kylie, with Kendall adding, “We haven’t set anything in stone.”

They better think hard about it, because their older sisters kind of maxed out all possible “K” alliterate clothing lines.

However, these mini moguls do draw the line somewhere…they won’t try a music career like Kim K’s short-lived attempt at singing.

“No, we can’t sing for our lives,” jokes Kendall.

“I think watching people sing is fun,” says Kylie, “But singing myself? No, no.”
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