‘No Spell For Moving Water’ showcases Velvet Two Stripes’ dynamic and unfiltered rock sound

"We couldn't spend much time polishing the songs. So instead we kept a freshness that you can hear on the album."
6 October 2023

In the echoing aftermath of their dazzling appearance on the FM Digital cover story last June, the dynamic trio known as Velvet Two Stripes is back, and this time, they’re making waves with their highly anticipated album, No Spell For Moving Water. The nine-track collection , a testament to the group’s ever-evolving raw rock sound, is set to propel them even higher in the music stratosphere.

Fronted by the formidable sister duo, Sophie and Sara Diggelmann, on vocals and guitar, and anchored by the bass prowess of Franca Mock, Velvet Two Stripes has embraced a relentless momentum throughout their 15-year band history. Sara, speaking with unwavering determination, affirms, “Nothing can hold us back anymore.” This confidence is reflected in their seamless navigation between the underground and the mainstream, fearlessly daring new sonic frontiers.

The album title, No Spell For Moving Water, encapsulates the band’s resilient and magical ethos. It draws a metaphorical parallel to flowing water, immune to the grasp of evil spells—a symbol of freedom and escape. The album’s genesis traces back to their journeys across the rusty railway bridge on the Columbia River, leading them to the recording studio in the summer of 2022. Invited by producer Dominik Schmidt of Rola Music, the band, armed with only two completed songs and a tapestry of sketches and ideas, embraced the pressure, giving birth to the unique sound of the album.

Vocalist Sophie reflects on the writing process, revealing, “We couldn’t spend much time polishing the songs. So instead we kept a freshness that you can hear on the album.”

No Spell For Moving Water emerges as Velvet Two Stripes‘ most multi-faceted offering to date, seamlessly blending contemporary pop elements. The album’s sonic alchemy is further elevated by the expertise of rock scene luminaries Vance Powell (mixing) and Pete Lyman (mastering), known for their work with The White Stripes, Tom Waits, and Weezer.

For fans of The Kills, Deap Vally, The Dead Weather, or The White Stripes, No Spell For Moving Water is a musical trip worth embarking on. The band, testifying to the importance of creativity and variety, described the recording process as a magical time, in the words of the band, “There is something special about being holed up with so many creative minds, just letting the magic happen and seeing where it takes us. And it certainly was a magical time […] It’s the good kind of pressure you only have with people determined to make something great together”.

Velvet Two Stripes has not only crafted an album but a sonic enchantment that transcends boundaries and beckons you into their entrancing world of rock and magic.

Photos: Ladina Bischof