London-based exciting musician and painter, Nissi, shares the Labi Odebunmi-directed, suitably strong video for politically charged track ‘Pay Attention’, a meaningful and soulful number, taken from her impressive debut EP ‘Downtown’.

The intriguing Nigerian native explains: “This video is a subtle expression of various facets of life which are driven by human behaviour, and the things that we miss when we do not pay attention. We all have our own different trials and tribulations, as well as reasons for celebration, which we sometimes fail to see or cannot understand…”She adds…”I use the power of my music and art in the video, to be able to convey the message in this song, both on the piano and with my body paint, because those two things are my personal interpretation of freedom. To me, ‘Pay Attention’ is a call to do just that, it is all about us paying attention to everything that makes our life worth the time. A little care always goes a long way, it achieves more than we know”.