Upcoming Maryland based R&B artist Nikko Tank has released his new emotionally charged single Running From.

The combination of a repetitive drum beat and dreamlike slow R&B rhythms frame this track, with the intensely emotional vocal delivery of Nikko Tank what truly gives Running From its edge. 

Taking inspiration from a long-desired and difficult conversation:  “It comes from a very vulnerable place and it meant so much to me to get this song finished and ready to share. Running From is an open ended question that I always wanted her to answer but till this day she never has.”

Growing up in a Greek-American household Nikko was always taught the importance of being a compassionate person, a trait that has since influenced his songwriting. Inspired by a number of artists including; Akon, Usher, and Bruno Mars, Nikko Tank is carving out a unique and captivating soundscape on new single Running From!