NIKKI shares a bittersweet pearl named ‘Are You Lost’

"I think this song flowed naturally from my past experiences"
23 May 2023

Nikki, from Melbourne, Australia, has a lifelong interest in music and is ready to break into the Pop scene.

She just dropped her first song, Are You Lost, a fresh pop song that talks about the memories and emotions of past relationships. It’s a tribute to those special people who were such an important part of your life.

Are You Lost has an exceptionally sweet and immersive feel. This song is an absolute pop gem. It hits close to home and really captures the emotions of the lyrics. The authentic atmosphere is definitively a plus.

NIKKI‘s stunning voice, combined with a lush soundscape of melodic piano, are sure to pull you in and make you stay. You can really feel the emotion and passion she infused in every corner of Are You Lost.

NIKKI explains: ‘I think this song flowed naturally from my past experiences…I just started strumming on the guitar a few months ago and the words just spilled from my mind onto my notebook page.

Are You Lost it’s ultimately about hope. It’s all about that special person you care about, and the idea that they might return one day – it’s an emotional roller coaster, but a comforting one too.

NIKKI started with drums and spent her high school days in Melbourne perfecting her abilities. She also spent time learning other instruments like the piano and guitar.

In 2022, she focused on building her online presence by posting drum covers from home. Turns out, it paid off! She gathered a large number of fans and even had the chance to join a drumstick label based in Melbourne.

She reveals: ‘I can honestly say that I wake up each morning these days with a smile on my face… I feel like I’ve found my true passion and where I belong.’

NIKKI has been busy creating new songs and we can’t wait to hear what she comes up with next.