Trends: discover Nigeria fashion week

Discover the Nigeria Fashion Week in Lagos, from VICE’s ‘Fashion Week Internationale’ series:Vice’s fashion expert Charlet met the gloriously-named Lexy Mojo-Eyes, the boss of Nigeria Fashion Week and premier model agency “Legendary Gold”.

She was treated to “quirky” runway walks, find out about the Nigerian definition of “swag”, and was sweetly serenaded from a gang of male models.Insightful and exuberant hairdresser Blessed, took her into the ‘hood, through an insane market to the salon where he used to work, leading to an unlikely revelation that he – like most of the men in his industry – has occasionally been “gay-for-pay” to further his career as a stylist.

As he says, “In the Nigerian fashion industry, to get ahead you need to be gay or have God.”Speaking of God, Charlet met up with the former 419 scammer, now turned God-fearing fashion photographer Justice Karo, who went from doing impressions of females to extort money out of lonely male Australians, but has now turned over a new leaf. Despite his new profession as a fashion photographer, Justice believes that fashion week is the work of the devil…