Nicola Gaea releases neo-soul gem ‘Blue Skies’

"It was written as my personal reminder to register my highs when they come"
14 April 2023

Nicola Gaea from North London has just released her fourth single, Blue Skies, which is a neo-soul jewel at once cheerful and thoughtful.

Her latest song follows her two previous released singles Fly and Sunday Prayer; She excels with the DIY music ethos, which has established her as an artist to watch.

Gaea was pondering life’s biggest questions on her stroll through the park when she came up with the lyrics that would later become a song. This moment of profound reflection prompted an idea, leading to the creation of a poem first and finally to Blue Skies. “It was written as my personal reminder to register my highs when they come because it’s only natural that the downs will come back around again.

The beautiful melodies and truthful lyrics of Blue Skie are really fascinating and enigmatic.

She was raised by her single mother and three siblings, and from a young age she was exposed to her mother’s favourite Reggae, Soul and Jazz records. She was only 15 when she began experimenting with producers at the famous Chocolate Factory Studios, but it was kind of overwhelming.

Having gained invaluable experience, her self-directed career was embraced with great encouragement and support, Jess Iszatt on BBC Introducing London and Victoria Jane on BBC Radio 1, among others.

She was inspired by some of the best, such as Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Cleo Sol and Little Simz.

Nicola Gaea had the chance to work with Michael Njugna, Loyle Carner‘s sound engineer, and with director/photographer Henry J. Kamara, who shot Stormzy‘s most recent album cover.