‘VanillaCola’ is the latest 3-track EP from Turin-Based experimental-pop duo Niagara – artists/producers Davide Tomat and Gabriele Ottino – which comes with remixes by Austrian avant-garde master Christian Fennesz, as well as XIII.

The dynamically engaging and conceptual tune is released via Monotreme Records on July 31st.

Speaking about the track Ottino, told The 405: “Vanillacola is a list of words that apparently don’t mean anything, they just suggest a meaningless landscape. This landscape gains meaning when the words are followed by actions (verbs). The cold lonely words warm up by taking place in the experience of a human being: the smiles you’ll break / a friend you’ve lost / the blue ¬ you’re in / the sky ¬ you’ve seen.

The music in a way follows the same flow, starting from a minimal harmony note and gradually transforming into a rich one. In the beginning and in the end there is an arpeggiator made of voices that sound like a multitude of people – a multitude of experiences and feelings, but you can’t get what they are saying because they’re too many. In the chorus of the song there is a kind of ‘conscience voice’ saying that what you are seeing is all wrong and you have got to go deeper and watch things from other points of view.”

In case you missed, check out their 2014’s EP ‘Don’t Take It Personally’

Photo by Alessia Naccarato