good-vibrations-Northern Irish writers Glenn Patterson and Colin Carberry co-wrote the acclaimed Belfast-based film Good Vibrations.

That movie went to to be the highlight of many festivals across the world and has become a hugely popular DVD as well. Their hard-work and talent is now being recognised with a nod from the BAFTA award voters.

Their film tells the story of (Fame favourite and good friend of your writer) Terri Hooley, who championed Northern Ireland’s punk music bands at the height of ‘The Troubles’ in the 1970s. Good-Vibrations1Hooley is still a well-known figure in the NI music scene and is regularly to be seen performing DJ sets across the city and making personal appearances.

This film has seen him receive the recognition he fully deserves and more so as well. It has also allowed his tale to become one that many other generations can appreciate too.

Belfast-born writers Glenn Patterson and Colin Carberry received their joint Bafta nomination in the outstanding debut by a British writer, director or producer category.

Patterson is a well-known author of eight novels and works as a creative writing lecturer at Queen’s University, Belfast.

Colin Carberry, who also works at the university, has a background as a short fiction writer and in arts journalism.

Good Vibrations was Carberry’s first attempt at screenwriting.

Terri Hooley, known as the godfather of punk in Northern Ireland, started his own record label for local bands and played a key role in bringing Londonderry group The Undertones to worldwide attention.