By Andrea Clarke
NEW research has revealed people in Northern Ireland are too tired for sex.
The survey, carried out by energy supplement Wassen Coenzyme Q10, found that 54 per cent of adults in Northern Ireland were put off sex because they are too exhausted.
Of the 3000 polled, two thirds of Northern Irish people felt drained of energy, while 38 per cent said they were in need of more sleep.
This lack of energy has caused 15 per cent to call in sick to recharge their batteries with 23 per cent declining invites to social events because they are run down.
Over a third even admitted they were too tired to pick up the phone to call friends and family for a chat.
And it seems people in Northern Ireland are relying on the wrong things to get through the day, with 54 per cent reaching for coffee and energy drinks for a boost, while 38 per cent prefer chocolate for that quick fix.
The survey also revealed that 38 per cent would have more sex if they had more energy while 62 per cent said they’d get more exercise.
Rita Stoffaneller from Wassen Coenzyme Q10 said: “The research clearly shows that many Northern Irish people are burnt out, with tiredness affecting both their working and private lives.
“Getting enough sleep and exercise is vital to ensuring we function at our best while making sure our diet is rich in essential vitamins and minerals is also important.
“Busy lifestyles mean we are more likely to be deficient in certain nutrients such as Coenzyme Q10 even though the supply of food is plentiful.
“Coenzyme Q10 assists in the production of ATP2, the body’s usable form of energy. If the body is unable to efficiently produce ATP, it is unable to function at its optimum level”.
Wassen’s Coenzyme Q10 with Vitamin E has been designed to provide the nutrients needed for more efficient energy production on a cellular level, essential for those leading a busy or hectic lifestyle.