NEWARK Drop Fresh Multi-Genre Single LET IT GO

By Frank Bell

Netherlands is renowned for its unique talent and being a bedrock for a lot of dance music, however, Rotterdam duo NEWARK have something to say about that. This young and ambitious pair of friends have been making music for as long as they can remember, and their new single Let It Go definitely has its own signature sound, far from the genres aforementioned.

There are definitely influential pockets of blues and jazz in what first seems like a synth-heavy pop track before multi-instrumentalist and drummer Zep introduces his swing and the track suddenly switches to a quite innovative hip-hop sound. A track that goes in many directions is credited to both Wessel’s lyricism and Zep’s multifaceted talents. You would be a fool not to check this rising duo before they pass you by.

Speaking on the meaning behind ‘Let It Go’ NEWARK explains: “I was searching for a way out. It’s about dealing with tough situations & the consequences that come with alcohol & drugs. When something bad is happening I’m kinda liking it because of the creative energy that the bad thing gives to me. I feel terrible but so creative. And I know that isn’t a good thing.”


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