Check the video for “Better Off Without You”, the new single from acclaimed duo Summer Camp – aka Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley.
It is a deliciously subversive love song gone wrong (particularly when she sings, “you’re so embarrassing when you’re cry”), but also more fully fleshed, bolder and more vibrant than anything in their previous oeuvre, hinting at a debut album which is both thrillingly unpredictable and exciting indeed.

As with previous tracks the band have given away recently as downloads – the skyscraping synth pop of “Nobody Knows You” and the twisted disco monster “I Want You”, “Better Off Without You” represents yet another crucial piece in the shiny new Summer Camp pop puzzle, being an instantly infectious, gloriously breezy pop song that packs a considerable wallop, its soaraway choruses belying Sankey’s casually resigned sighs of “I’m better off without you/ we both know that’s true”. I Want You by Summer Camp
Speaking of the album – there is still time to make a pledge and you can keep up to date with its progress while also choosing from an array of brilliant pledges, from one-off, tailor made mixtapes to homemade brownies to tickets to festivals.