New Video: Smoove + Turrell – ‘Gabriel’

Smoove & Turrell round off an incredible year with the emotional and highly charged single ‘Gabriel’.
Now the Geordie duo have their sights set on the charts with a beautiful song that shows why, John Turrell is considered to be one of the most important new singer / songwriters in the UK.

Backed by Smoove’s classic production and with a subtle nod to its release date – this is set to be the single that lifts the band to the next level.

John Turrell said: “The main image I get from the song is redemption through hope. ‘Gabriel’ is the hope that we have in all of us – the thought that through ‘Gabriel’, our hope, we can get past the darkness that sometimes envelopes us. No matter what is thrown to us there is always a path out of it.”

‘Gabriel’ will be released Dec 19 by Jalapeno Records