OK Go and modern dance company Pilobolus team up with Google to create an interactive HTML5 “Google Chrome Experiment”
OK Go teamed up with director Trish Sie (sister of lead singer Damian Kulash), the modern dance troupe Pilobolus and a team from Google to create the latest HTML5 Chrome Experiment and musical experience.
The project showcases the latest in modern browser technology, using 12 separate windows to create a kaleidoscopic dance that is partially choreographed by the viewer.

At the beginning of the experience, users are invited to type a message in English, Japanese, or any language using the Roman or Katakana alphabets, and the message is incorporated into the dance.

The collaboration marks another milestone in OK Go’s ongoing challenge to the existing state of creativity and the music industry.

Says singer Damian Kulash, “Working with Pilobolus – and of course with Trish – has been great because they share our belief that last century’s creative boundaries are irrelevant. These days, a great creative idea is a great creative idea, period. You don’t have to choose in advance whether your outlet is records, or films, or dances, or a computer program. Videos don’t have to be subordinate advertising material for albums, and dance doesn’t have to be confined to the theater. We were like peas in a pod with Pilobolus, trying to make something that lives in the world of dance, and music video, and digital space, but isn’t confined to any of those spaces alone.”

“We’ve been talking for a long time about making a dance for small screens,” says Itamar Kubovy, Executive Director of Pilobolus. “There is no one on earth we’d rather do this with than OK Go and Trish Sie – it’s an inspired three-way marriage.”

The pre-order for the video, which will be released on 9th August, launches today at okgo.net. A 3D version of All Is Not Lost is also available beginning today, exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS™ system, Nintendo’s newest hand-held system which lets users experience 3D games, take 3D pictures and watch 3D videos without the need for special glasses.
Enjoy the full interactive experience at .allisnotlo.st

Download the free song and buy the EP at okgo.net/notlost