Mary Magdalan is a true fighter. In the past two years Magdalan has single-handedly sold over 30,000 records and has topped out over 1 million downloads all from the confines of her Hollywood apartment and without a single stitch of assistance from a record label or big time management firm.
Now Mary enters a new chapter of her career with her new album DIGI.N3RV.

“This album saved my life”, exclaims Magdalan of her new CD. “When I went into the recording process for this album I knew that if I was to re-create some of my older music that I might not make it through”.

The album shows yet another side of Mary Magdalan and is a head first dive into future sounds by combining dubstep, hip hop & electro with subtle layers of rock on this 14 song disc.

DIGI.N3RV is only available for purchase exclusively through or on Worldwide.