Continuing on with his ongoing video project to film a video for each track on his next album, ‘The Hedonist And The Hermit’ (released early 2012), Jim has just uploaded ‘Ulysses’, a beautiful video filmed in Berlin on a night out.
Being an independent artist based in Berlin, Jim has made connections throughout the art, music and cultural hub of East Berlin and made friends with a number of brilliant audiovisual/art creatives to help him produce/contextualise his art, his music.

The ethos of Kroft´s unravelling project is chronicled on his website, and his belief that great songs will find their way to its audience is slowly gathering fruit. In particular of recent he has enjoyed the wonderful creative partnerships in both Berlin and London which his songs have attracted – whether with Berlin´s infamous Sunst Brothers on the graphic concept, Tanzanian filmmakers Filmcake on ‘Modern Monk’, or the continuing support of thriving East London studio ‘Urchin Studios’.

Kroft is finding a way to get his project made in the lost currency of collaboration, the old fashioned ethos of making something for the love it, and the support of a burgeoning artistic community on the ground.