New video for the invigorating Vivian Girls

vivian girls1Swirling noise Brooklynites, Vivian Girls who release their sophomore album, ‘Everything Goes Wrong’ via the ever wonderful In The Red label on September 21st have premiered their new video for ‘When I’m Gone’ on Pitchfork.

Released almost exactly a year after In The Red’s reissue of their self titled debut, the new album, ‘Everything Goes Wrong’ promises to be slightly longer than the 22 minutes their debut clocked up with the band having taken their time and recorded it in six days – rather than the three their debut took though many of the songs were still recorded in single takes.

Whilst the band have again captured their raw, fun edge, Everything Goes Wrong is without a doubt a darker, moodier album than its predecessor; a trait which arguably makes the band an even more appealing proposition this time round.

The band will be announcing UK dates shortly.