In the cold and dreary winter of 2009, alone in his bedroom and hidden from the darkness of the world outside Justin Paul Vallesteros had begun working on something that would change his life forever…
What began as a couple notes played in experimentation soon transformed into vibrant melodies that soon shook Vallesteros’ musical foundation to the core. Guitar chords laced over pulse sating synth melodies and drum rhythms was a departure from Justin’s previous work; he began to create the dreamy nostalgic pop music that is Craft Spells.

Justin is a California native who now finds residence in Seattle. Craft Spells is the epitome of the recent uprising of the DIY music scene.

Coming from a place not known for its musical history or impact on music culture it seemed destined for Craft Spells to stay as a bedroom pop project with no final destination in sight.

The sound is led by Justin’s blissful voice, backed behind beautiful guitar melodies over heavenly synths, pop basslines and looped rhythms. Captured Tracks has released 7” single for the song “Party Talk” and released the debut LP ‘Idle Labor’ earlier this year.

In no time at all, Justin has been able to move out of Dave Brubeck and Pavement’s shadow to create something his own which he shares with the ever continuing admiration of the world.
8 // SPAIN, Noise on the Sea tour
11 // LONDON, The Lexington
12 // LEEDS, A Nation of Shopkeepers
13 // GLASGOW, Captain’s Rest
14 // MANCHESTER, Now Wave @ Islington Mill
15 // GENT, Charlatan
16 // AMSTERDAM, Club Up
17 // KOLN, Underground
19 // COPENHAGEN, Ideal Bar
20 // MALMO, Debaser Malmo
21 // STOCKHOLM, Debaser Slussen
22 // ARHAUS, Musiccafeen
23 // KOLN, Werkstatt w/The Blood Arm
24 // HAMBURG, Ubel & Gefahrlich w/The Blood Arm
25 // KOLN, Underground w/The Blood Arm
27 // FLORENCE, La Limonaia
28 // BOLOGNA, Covo
29 // ROME, Circolo degli Artisti
30 // VENICE, Pop Corn Club
1 // LUZERN, Sudpol
2 // PARIS, Petit Bain
3 // LONDON, Brixton Windmill