Check Bachelorette (aka Annabel Alpers) kaleidoscopic new video for ‘Blanket’, taken from her self-titled, third album.

Bachelorette – Blanket from Souterrain Transmissions on Vimeo.

Vibrant, psychedelic and at times a little bit trippy, those that have had the pleasure of witnessing Bachelorette’s live show will see the similarities between Alpers’ stage effects and the images used in this video.

Directed by Steven Grisé, the video complements the track perfectly, capturing the very essence of Bachelorette’s music.

Mixed by Nicholas Vernhes at Rare Book Room (Animal Collective, Beach House) in Brooklyn, the twelve tracks that make up the album ‘Bachelorette’ are built on minimal synth grooves, strummed guitar, innocent whistles wandering through cold hallways, and occasional accompaniment on drums. But all are guided by Alpers’ ethereal lead vocal.
(Souterrain Transmissions)