New self-help book for cannabis addicts

Timed to coincide with the Government’s imminent announcement on the legal classification of cannabis, a new self-help book – No Need for Weed: Understanding and Breaking Cannabis Dependency – is published this week.
The book, which aims to help cannabis users break their addiction, is written by James Langton, who founded , a website that offers support and information to the estimated two million British cannabis smokers, 10% of whom recognise they may have a problem with addiction.

Cannabis in Britain is both widely used and controversial. Today, although more is understood about the associated risks to mental health, there remains a knowledge gap when it comes to understanding cannabis dependency.
Many users are convinced that cannabis is non-habit forming, something they insist upon until they themselves attempt to quit or even try to take a break for a while. Clearhead exists to help users, their loved ones and the general public to understand more about how cannabis dependency works, and how it can be broken.

James Langton is able to speak and write about all aspects of cannabis Use with authority, having a particular interest in the drug’s addictive nature. For thirty years, from the age of fifteen to forty five, he was an extremely heavy user, smoking continuously from early morning on a daily basis. During this long period he never went for more than a day or two without his cannabis fix.

He finally found the strength to quit on April 1, 2002.

Since then, James has dedicated his time to help others break free of addiction, founding the Clearhead website, and developing the Clearhead workshops which offer a specific time and place for those users who need encouragement and support to break the habit.

Six months after the workshops, 37% of attendees said they had stopped using cannabis completely and the remaining 79% reported they had more control over their cannabis use. Some participants are willing to speak to the media about their experience of cannabis addiction and recovery providing their anonymity is respected.

Clearhead is committed to offering free online support either through direct response or through their message boards. The message boards have helped people from all over the world connect and support one another as they contemplate their cannabis issue and adjust from active addiction to a healthier lifestyle.

No Need for Weed: Understanding and Breaking Cannabis Dependency is available for £9.95 from , online at Amazon and through all good bookshops.

A hypnotherapy recording, Breaking Your Cannabis Dependency, is available as a CD for £12.95 or as a download for £10.95 from