New Jersey’s Thrifty Patients: A Guide to Budget-Friendly Medical Marijuana

That being said, it is more than slightly misleading to say that all adults aged 21+ can buy cannabis recreationally in NJ.
19th December 2023

If you’re seeking a medical marijuana card in New Jersey, you’re in luck. The state legalized MMJ a long time ago and has since gone one step further by introducing a recreational cannabis law. Now, it is possible to buy and possess a certain amount of weed once you reach your 21st birthday. 

That being said, it is more than slightly misleading to say that all adults aged 21+ can buy cannabis recreationally in NJ. Several of the state’s municipalities have elected to forbid the practice, so in these locations, you have no option but to get a medical marijuana card in New Jersey.

It is also worth noting that weed in NJ isn’t nearly as cheap as you might think now that recreational sales are underway. Below, I outline the state’s MMJ laws and discuss the high price of marijuana in New Jersey.

Marijuana Laws in New Jersey

On his final day in office in January 2010, Governor Corzine left a nice parting gift in the form of signing the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act into law. Yet, it was impossible to buy the substance legally until the end of 2012. It wasn’t until 2017 that New Jersey’s MMJ program began to take shape, and it is now extremely easy to apply.

Indeed, you can now get a medical marijuanas card in NJ online by using a service such as MMJCardOnline. This organization puts you in touch with respected providers such as Veriheal and ensures that you can complete the doctor’s consultation from the comfort of your home.

Once you have your medical marijuana card in New Jersey, it’s possible to buy up to three ounces in any 30-day period. There are now dozens of dispensaries to choose from since Governor Murphy signed an adult-use bill into law in February 2021. Recreational sales started in April 2022. 

These days, you can possess up to six ounces of weed in New Jersey without running into legal trouble. However, if you’re found with more than six ounces, you could spend up to 18 months in jail and face a fine of approximately $25,000. Frankly, there is no excuse for having this much weed on your person unless you’re trying to recreate Up in Smoke

One might expect the cost of weed to have fallen in New Jersey since recreational sales began. In reality, cannabis remains rather expensive.

Marijuana in NJ Ain’t Cheap

There is ample research to suggest that medical marijuana falls on the right side of the cost-benefit analysis metric. It is usually less expensive than opioids and often provides better results. This isn’t to say that MMJ is cheap, however.

Certainly, you’ll pay a pretty penny even if you get a medical marijuana card in New Jersey. If you go hunting for an eighth of weed from a reputable dispensary franchise, you can expect to pay between $60 and $70 in many cases. According to a few MMJ patients, weed costs money that standard jobs don’t provide within the state.

Even smaller stores struggle to offer weed for less than $60 per eighth because they don’t have their own growing operations. This means that a significant number of MMJ patients in New Jersey are likely to turn to the black and gray markets. The problem here is that there’s no guarantee of getting a safe, high-quality product.

The good news is that eventually, the cost of marijuana in New Jersey will fall. This is because more dispensaries will open, increasing competition. Therefore, prices will need to drop out of necessity as businesses compete to bring customers through their doors. Until this happens, though, MMJ patients in NJ will have to dig deep.

Final Thoughts on Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

Getting a medical marijuana card in New Jersey is relatively quick and easy. These days, it is possible to complete an online consultation, which means you don’t need to leave your home to get a written recommendation.

Please note that the NJ MMJ process is a little different from that of other states. You will need to schedule a follow-up visit with your doctor before completing your application on the official state medical marijuana program website.