Nerina PallotMulti award-winning singer-songwriter Nerina Pallot is set to release a new EP next month and also embark on a short series of UK tour dates as well. Fame caught up with the delectable Miss Pallot to learn more about her new material and much more. Here are the highlights of this chat.
Hi Nerina. Firstly can we ask you why you decided this new EP would be available in multiple formats. Have you a format you prefer musically?

I always make my EPs available in physical (CD) form and MP3 form. Artwork is important to me, so I guess I might always have physical version of my music availble.

I love MP3s because I listen to more music than ever before, and the icloud accessibility is amazing too.

But from a sonic point of view, an MP3 cannot compare with AIFF or CD quality, especially in lower frequencies. So I always end up owning my favourite albums on both formats.nerina2How would you explain your new material to a non fan of your work?

I dunno. They’re songs. About things. Played with real instruments, and played with software instruments. I think people’s tastes are so varied but specific at the same time (I know that sounds like an oxymoron). So there’s no point in saying – ‘if you like bla bla, you’ll like this.’

It doesn’t work like that. If you’re a non-fan, try it, you might find something for you. I’m a singer-songwriter but I jump about stylistically so there’s variety there.

Nerina, may we ask you how you create a new song. Could you talk our readers through the steps you take in creating a new song?

I make a cup of tea. Nothing happens without a cup of tea. On a good day, when I write a good song, I can’t remember what happens, it all just sort of comes together and really quickly. On a bad day, when I write a rubbish song, it’s all very laboured and I think about it a lot and do lots of hand-wringing and make LOTS of tea.nerinaHow did you get into the music industry Nerina?

I can’t remember. It was very long ago. I think I just kept hanging around studios all the time when I should have been at music college. Then I worked for Mute, a record label and kept hanging around studios and playing open mic nights, made a demo tape (it really was a tape back then!) and got signed to Polydor records.

Did you have a dream when you first started out in the industry. If so what was it?

To marry George Michael, and to meet Sting. One of these happened, one did not.

You have ‘The Lonely Valentine UK Tour’ lined up for mid February. I must ask you what your fans can expect from these shows musically?

I’m doing these shows solo, so it will be just me and a piano or guitar, and I’ll be playing songs from all my previous albums and EPs, and obviously from the new EP.

May we ask you what you have lined up for 2013. Have you may live shows already booked?

My priority this year is to write, write, write, but that said, I have gigs popping up all over the shop throughout the year. This year I will finally get to play a place I’ve heard about for years – the Minack Theatre in Cornwall – which is open air and hewn into a cliff face. Apparently you can see dolphins swimming as you look out across the stage. It’s meant to be magical and I’m really looking forward to it.

To date what has been the highlight of your career?

Meeting Sting.

Having been nominated for many prestigious awards, we must ask you what an award nomination means to an act like you?

It’s very lovely. Mostly I look forward to the goodie bags at these events.

Where do you see yourself career-wise on five years?

Probably in my studio, still wondering why the heating isn’t working.

February Tour dates:
Fri 8th Feb – Arlington Arts Centre – Lonely Valentine Club
Sat 9th Feb- St Georges Bristol – Lonely Valentine Club
Mon 11th Feb -Islington Assembly Hall – Lonely Valentine Club
Wed 13th Feb – Manchester Royal Northern College – Lonely Valentine Club
Thu 14th Feb- Edinburgh Pleasance Theatre – Lonely Valentine Club
Sat 16th Feb- Stockton Arc – Lonely Valentine
Sun 17th Feb- Birmingham Glee Club – Lonely Valentine Club