Nellie Charles shines bright with new R&B single ‘Finished’

At Glastonbury 2024, she truly came alive on stage, serving notice that she's a talent on the rise
7 July 2024
Nellie Charles

Emerging as one of 2024’s most promising R&B talents, Nellie Charles has dropped her latest track, Finished, delighting fans and critics alike. The freshest release from Chocolate Love Monkey and Melody Mover puts Nellie’s skills on vivid display, etching her mark as an ascendant force in the UK music scene with every melodic line and lyric.

With early nods from heavy hitters like BBC Radio 1Xtra, where Finished snagged the coveted Track of the Week title, and airplay across other major stations like BBC Radio 1, KISS FM, and Capital Xtra, Nellie’s soulful sound is resonating across the UK. 

Nellie Charles

At Glastonbury 2024, she truly came alive on stage, serving notice that she’s a talent on the rise. Finished weaves a tapestry of chilled R&B rhythms with its lo-fi beats, welling synths, and subtle guitars underpinned by a deep sub bass, all led by Nellie’s silky, emotive vocals. Imagine stripping away the superficial layers and uncovering the very core of human emotion – that’s what Nellie’s done with this track, distilling her own intimate experiences into an emotional catalyst for growth and healing. 

Born into a family of musicians and raised on a diet of soul legends like Etta James and Marvin Gaye, Nellie’s passion for music was ignited from a young age. With Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill as her creative role models, she’s produced a discography that pulses with vulnerability and uncanny sincerity. Nellie’s DIY ethos empowers her to foster a sound that’s raw, unfiltered, and inherently hers – qualities that radiate from every note she composes. 

Nellie Charles

Love’s messy cocktail of euphoria and devastation is rendered stark and relatable in her songs, where the elation and heartache pour out of her lyrics like snapshots from a photo album, speaking directly to our own tumultuous experiences. As Nellie continues to receive accolades from some of the UK’s top music tastemakers, her trajectory in the R&B scene looks promising. 

Her music is a helping hand, a listening ear, and a comforting voice all rolled into one – she crafts it to uplift and inspire, forging a connection with her audience that runs deep. With Nellie Charles, you’re not just experiencing music – you’re engaging in a vulnerable dialogue that resonates long after the song ends.