Neighborhood Goliath’s DARK STARS Video

London-based band Neighborhood Goliath, share a slice of enticing guitar driven Alternative Indie Soul, via the aptly intriguing video for their newest single Dark Stars.

Neighborhood Goliath features singer/lyricist/producer Trevor Dion Nicholas, guitarist Andrew Cooksley, drummer Steve Gilbertson, bassist Pete Hunt, pianist Steve Corley and co-producer J.S.T. Andrews. 

Trevor Dion Nicholas said: We wanted to create something visually that felt quirky and different, and that made people feel like they needed to watch it more than once to really catch everything we were doing. Dark Stars is a song about willful denial, it’s a conversation about why a particular love is unique and extraordinary, but ultimately doomed and the refusal to accept that.

Directors Chris Gardner and Joe Watkins added…We had such a blast working on this video – everything (miraculously) just worked out – weather, talent, crew and venue all just clicked which made the day really fun for everyone.  We wanted to always keep the camera moving and set a goal of two shots maximum in the whole video. This meant everyone had to be well choreographed (including the crew) so we spent 4 hours rehearsing before shooting a frame. 5 takes later and we had everything we needed. It was a heroic effort from everyone to pull off what we did on time and on budget – we can’t wait for the next one!

Choreographer Thao Ngyuen said… The choreography is focused on the lyric “keep pretending we don’t know what we are”. The blindfolds are used to show how we turn a blind eye to our true selves when in fact you know it’s there in front of you. It’s represents self-reflection and learning to accept who we are.