By Vee D

The beautiful and talented American actress, singer-songwriter, and producer Nefertitti Avani returns with her new sleek R&B offering Serious, set to be released on May 28th.

Produced by Malcolm Martin, and predominantly influenced by the 90s contemporary RnB era in music, Nefertitti Avani effortlessly radiates a warm, confident voice and eclectic vibrant sound with a syncopated melody consisting of delicate riffs, complimented by her self-assured silky vocals.

Speaking on the inspiration behind ‘Serious’ Nefertitti explains that the song does what it says on the tin “It’s serious”. The versatility throughout her discography displays her abundance of talent and expertise. 

With elements of Soul & Contemporary R&B, Nefertitti genre blends with ease. With her debut project “Oh, Ok” set to be released this summer, Nefertitti is definitely one to keep your eye on as one of the most exhilarating newcomers on the scene.