Need For Mirrors Makes Ram Records Debut

 With not one but two new singles, London D&B artist Need For Mirrors makes his first release on Ram Records. He has already dropped an EP for sister label Program in 2019 and sounds incredible with both Arp Tune and Reverie.

Melodically rich and full of unique flavours, NFM does not disappoint with this double-sider.

He says:  Arp Tune spawned from my love of techno. I wanted to have a tune in my bag that bridged the gap from club to the big room stadium anthems, but was understated. Reverie was influenced by old Sincere era MJ Cole and garage. I’m a sucker for that feeling in the string arrangement! As the track progressed it started to feel more euphoric; the arp that comes in later in this tune reminded me of Origin Unknown’s Valley Of The Shadows in a very odd way. Nostalgia!” 

By Holly Frith