In last night Christmas The Simpsons show, pop star Katy Perry appears in a dream of Maggie’s as Moe’s latex-clad girlfriend.

She ends up giving Mr. Burns a hug (“Someone totally needs a hug,” she says. “I kissed a girl and I liked it,” he says. Why is Maggie dreaming pervy old-man dreams?) before leading everyone in a rousing version of the off-color “39 Days of Christmas.”
And then, after the credits, Moe inadvertently goes down on her. Good times!

After failing, Moe said: I’ll just kiss your belly button, before pushing his face into her crotch.

Katy said: That’s not my belly button! and as Moe pulled away, she added: But I didn’t say stop!

The Simpsons tries to gets meta about all of this, with the following exchange: “Well it’s been a long run, but i think this will kill it.” “The Simpsons?” “No, Christmas.”

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