‘Nature’s Mind’ by Waiting for Smith remains enthralling the music world

"Walking through the mountains with my fingertips lightly touching the grasses and tops of the bushes, my mind would be completely empty"
28 October 2023

Immersed in the radiance of his recent success marked by the launch of White Light of Love, Waiting for Smith continues to captivate the music scene, revealing a new creation titled Nature’s Mind. This recent composition, a melody seeking the ideal blend for tranquility as envisioned by the indie-folk maestro, emerges as a continuation of his profound metamorphosis during a four-month journey in South Africa.

Fronted by the exceptionally talented singer-songwriter Harry Lloyd and expertly steered by the creative genius of producer Danton Supple, Nature’s Mind shares the same emotionally-charged resonance that characterizes Waiting for Smith’s music.

In Nature’s Mind, Waiting for Smith masterfully crafts a narrative of inner tranquility and harmony with nature. The tune’s lyrics encapsulate the essential elements necessary for discovering the serene emotions so often sought after. Having been immersed within South Africa’s awe-inspiring landscapes and vast expanses, he aptly captures the very essence of this journey.

“When looking out over the sea one sunset, with my bare feet in the sand, this stillness came over me,” explains Waiting For Smith. “Walking through the mountains with my fingertips lightly touching the grasses and tops of the bushes, my mind would be completely empty. In the connection felt with nature, there’s only space for contentment.”

With Nature’s Mind, Waiting for Smith extends a compelling invitation to his listeners, urging them to embark on a soul-nurturing odyssey. In a world marked by the tumultuous pace of modern life, the song serves as a poignant reminder that amidst this chaos, solace can be discovered by reconnecting with the natural world that envelops us.

Across more than 180 radio stations spanning the globe, from the illustrious Huw Stephens on Radio 1 to the cherished voices of Dermot O’Leary, Jo Whiley, and Tom Robinson, Waiting For Smith’s compositions have resonated ceaselessly. It’s a global symphony that reverberates through the airwaves, touching souls from Flux FM in Germany to Radio One in India, and Radio Doble Nueve in Lima.

Waiting for Smith’s mission remains unwavering – to inundate the world with unforgettable melodies that carry a much-needed message of positivity, touching the hearts of listeners everywhere.



19/11/22- Headline Show at The Camden Assembly


22/11/23 – Le Etoiles, Paris, France

23/11/23 Kavka, Antwerp, Belgium

25/11/23 Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, Netherlands

27/11/23 Kent Club, Hamburg, Germany

28/11/23 Hole44, Berlin, Germany

30/11/23 Hybrydy, Warsaw, Poland

01/12/23 Meetfactory, Prague, Czech

2/12/23 Chelsea, Vienna, Austria

04/12/23 Ampere, Munich, Germany

05/12/23 Club Volta, Cologne, Germany