National Opera unveils a new musical epoch with ‘A New Kind Of Energy’

"We’ve tried to get a bit of happiness into what is – for us at least – a slow and contemplative song"
28 November 2023

Leicester’s indie-pop virtuosos, National Opera, are gearing up to make a triumphant return with their highly anticipated EP, The God, The Child. Renowned for their dynamic amalgamation of cutting-edge electronica and lush indie elements, the trio embarks on a sonic odyssey that defies conventional genre constraints. Their artistry effortlessly merges dream pop, indie, and dance music, creating a seamless and harmonious fusion.

Taking center stage is their newest single, A New Kind Of Energy, a composition that neatly unravels layers to expose the band’s more poignant and melancholic songwriting. This track serves as a window into the emotive depth that National Opera navigates, showcasing a side that resonates with heartfelt sincerity. The song weaves together lo-fi electronica and sparkling arpeggiators with a nod to Joy Division’s brooding intensity and Alt-J’s intricate guitar work. Topped with delicate falsetto vocals, A New Kind Of Energy constructs a beautiful emotive soundscape that captivates listeners from start to finish.

Lead vocalist Chris Butler sheds light on the song’s unique emotional landscape, stating, “Unlike most songs which are more happy-sad, where sadness is veiled under the guise of happiness, ‘A New Kind Of Energy’ is the other way around – sad-happy I guess. We’ve tried to get a bit of happiness into what is – for us at least – a slow and contemplative song. It’s about loss, but it’s also about reflection and growth in a somewhat uplifting way.”

National Opera embarked on their musical journey with the self-release of their DIY debut album, Remember Who We Love, in the summer of 2022. Originally conceived as a small lockdown project under the name Breakfast, the album delved into the band’s struggles with identity, change, and friendship.

As the trio continues to carve out expansive, indie music soundscapes, they approach the end of 2023 with a renewed sense of drive and purpose.​ National Opera invites listeners into a musical universe where boundaries blur, and emotions run deep, a journey well worth the anticipation.

Photos by Tom Crump