Nathan Morris unveils the powerful and touching new song ‘Dangerous’

"The many masks I wore to keep things on track cost me my mental health."
22 April 2023

Most people wouldn’t think of being an artist, mortician, and entrepreneur all at the same time. But Nathan Morris isn’t just shattering stereotypes.

In reality, being so close to death has been a challenge for the Kentucky native, to make him confront what we all fear eventually.

To help him deal with the tough times, he started writing music and has created some really powerful and touching songs like Dangerous.

The music video for Dangerous is visually stunning – it’s all in black and white, and was filmed in the artist’s hometown of Kentucky. It gives viewers an amazing glimpse into their lifestyle and their business endeavors.

Morris reveals: “Surrounded by death during Covid, as the leader and owner of a funeral home company, I was constantly bearing witness to loss; of will, of life, of self. I was merely a version of myself, and got tired of being jealous of the show version of me. The many masks I wore to keep things on track cost me my mental health. Confession has this therapeutic way of starting the healing process. Dangerous is that confession.”

Morris crafts a piano-driven track that’s practically dripping with emotion. Melodies that soar and chords placed expertly make a oh-so satisfactory listening, while the words go straight to the point. This song really pulls on your heartstrings.

Each night, Nathan looks into the mirror and wonders why he’s so openly feeling his emotions. He seems to be asking that question “night by night”. Finally, the track climbs to a peak with strong drums that highlight the strength of its message.

Nathan Morris is a huge hit on TikTok with over 500k followers. For a person who runs a funeral home, he knows how to make people feel comfortable with the content without it being too dark or morbid. Pretty impressive.

Photo by Stephen Ogden