Nate Connelly picNate Connelly is a very talented, self-taught songwriter, musician, composer and producer, from the seaside resort of St Annes-on-Sea in the North Of England.

His superb debut album ‘A Dream About Being Lost’ is out now via Blind Colour.

‘A Dream About Being Lost’ is a nostalgic and wonderfully cinematic soundscape by an experimental artist growing into his newly-found, songwriter’s skin.

Watch the video for ‘You Echo’, on the controversial issue of bath salts abuse…

“It has an innocent-sounding name; maybe you’ve heard people talking about “bath salts.” But they have nothing to do with bath tubs. Bath salts are powerful stimulants that mess with your brain. Just a dose or two can hook you. And worst of all, bath salts are way too easy to buy…”

Download for FREE Nate Connelly’s DJ mix for Blind Colour HERE

In other news…Nate has recently composed the music for ‘Rigor Mortis’, the impressive and scary new moview by Hong Kong pop star turned director Juno Mak.rigor mortis