Nat Oaks unveils intoxicating anthem ‘Backseat Driver’

"I love my feminine and masculine energies, and backseat driver is an ode to that power"
14 July 2023

Nat Oaks is seriously one of the coolest artists to watch out for in 2023. She is totally shaking things up and bringing a fresh vibe to the hip-hop scene. Keep an eye on them, because she’s about to change the game!

Oaks‘s dropping her new single called Backseat Driver, and let me tell you, it’s gonna be the ultimate summer jam. This track has got all the vibes, mixing different genres to create a seriously addictive sound that’ll have you hooked in no time.

This bouncy and rhythmic track is a perfect blend of hip-hop, pop, and even a touch of Shoegaze in certain parts. Get ready to immerse yourself in this intoxicating anthem!

Nat Oaks’ killer vocals and unique and charismatic vibe make her stand out in the crowd. Her voice and is so catchy, effortlessly transitioning between singing and rapping. Her tunes will be stuck in your head for a long time!

She shares “I wrote Backseat Driver at a time where I was finally starting to accept and embrace myself. It had been a really tough year, but the song gave space to release pent up frustration. I’ve had lots of comments about the way I look, with other people thinking they can control how I present myself, which is nonsense. I love my feminine and masculine energies, and backseat driver is an ode to that power. Ultimately, you’re the one in control. Just drown those voices out, because it’s just white noise.”

The lyrics are packed with catchy pop melodies you can easily groove to, and they blend seamlessly with the irresistible singalong chorus – guaranteed to be an instant hit at live concerts.

Oaks brings a fresh and infectious style that mixes elements of modern pop and rap. She draw inspiration from the sincere vibes of Lauryn Hill and the vibrant energy of Tyler The Creator.

With her amazing hip-hop sound, this singer-songwriter from Gloucestershire has rocked the stage at some of the UK’s biggest festivals like Boomtown, Wireless Festival, and Love Saves The Day.

Her music is all about making sure you have a good time, no matter how you choose to enjoy it. She is a genuine artist who is committed to the long-term success of her music.

If you’re into Nilüfer Yanya and Arlo Parks, you’ll definitely dig Nat Oaks‘ style. It’s fun, lively, and Backseat Driver really captures everything she’s about.