Naomi_Scott_1London sweetly talented singer, songwriter and actress Naomi Scott, drops ‘Lover’s Lies’. A slice of her enticing electro soul paradise, written while she was filming ‘The 33’ with Antonio Banderes and ‘The Martian’ alongside Matt Damon.

Speaking about the stunning tune, lifted from Naomi’s new EP ‘Promises’, she said: “Lover’s Lies is a song about loving someone who has been hurt. Trying to help them rediscover those feelings that they have suppressed as a result of a previous betrayal they encountered. We used the layered harmonies coupled with rhythmic drum patterns, to invoke a coaxing hopefulness that would encourage a distressing situation to a place of renewed optimism.”Naomi ScottIn other news…The lovely Naomi has a starring role in the upcoming Power Rangers movie reboot, where she plays Kimberly, the Pink Ranger.