napoleon-dynamite1It’s a vain thought but with today’s competition, first impressions count. Whether you’re referring to the world of entertainment, business or other aspects of life, those first few moments where you are introduced are pretty important. This is reflected by the popular saying that, “first impressions count”. A statement in which we all know now, has a hint of truth to it.gordon_gekko_michael_douglas1From a psychological perspective, it is assumed that it only takes about three seconds for others to form a positive or negative opinion about a person. The shallow thing about this is, is that most of it is based on appearance.

For most of us, we are told about this fact when researching good interview techniques. The right appearance for the job and arriving punctually, will execute a positive first impression. It’s a daunting thought to think that in many situations you are judged by those first few moments but the good news is, it is something you can easily work on and that when looking at your own judgment, perceptions can change over time. So a first impression isn’t the be all and end all!

There’s no business like show business

Of course, celebrities in entertainment know all about the importance of first impressions. Along with auditions and trying to establish themselves, the majority of them have been in the public eye where appearance matters. In addition, the scrutiny when entering publicised gala events add to the perception of a certain personality in the public eye. For them, choosing the right dress (which in most cases are fitted by a stylist) and fashion style sometimes has an impact on their credibility. With all things going to plan, their style often leads to celebrities becoming fashion icons and trendsetters for a whole generation.

When it comes to style on the red carpet, there is a fine and undefined line from “edgy” to “overdoing it” and a lot of the time it is the public who decides this.Star_Trek10-e1367564459108Thankfully, the majority of us are not put under this much strain when it comes to our appearance when going to school, work or entering a party. For those extraordinary occasions though, there are ways of making a solid first impression and making an impact, (without the use of fireworks).

Using limousines and chauffeurs provided by companies such as these during a business trip or executive meeting are certainly a normal way to make a good first impression. Luxurious vehicles like these are always the first and only resort when celebrities or prominent political leaders attend important events and certainly add sophistication and importance to the public eye.

Last but not least, even the events in itself which celebrities choose to attend or skip are considered a statement. While we’re not trying to say that ‘snobbing’ an invitation is to be seen as an option for the sake of image, there are a few tips that can be learned from outside our ordinary lives to help pull off a strong first impression.