NAHLI : My Five Favourite Songs

Today, soul/pop newcomer NAHLI releases her debut EP ‘Therapy Side A’ – described as a detailed account of anguish and heartbreak. She’s already enjoyed success with big garage tracks like Rude Kid’s ‘Please Don’t’ and Conducta’s ‘Only U’, and she features on the new EP from Professor Green, on the track ‘Bad Decisions’. 

Now it’s time to turn attention to her solo work. Having released an acclaimed single, ‘Relapse’ earlier this year, NAHLI is back with new single ‘Mama’s Boy’, and her new EP – out now. 

To celebrate the release we asked NAHLI to give us her Five Favourite Songs, tune in below:

1. Kiss From a Rose – Seal

This is my number one favourite because back in the day when phones did that thing where we could have songs playing instead of a dial tone (remember that lol?!!) this was my mums one. And every time I hear it I think of her!

2. I Want You – Savage Garden

Ha. This is one of the first songs I felt super proud of learning the lyrics to because it’s ever so slightly fast and I honestly thought I was a don ha ha ha.

3. Destiny – Zero 7

I just absolutely adore this song. It’s one of those songs that never ever gets old. It’s so calm and gorgeous and it’s quite inspirational to me in terms of musicality.

4. Girl – The Internet

This song is just sick. It’s gorgeous. An ex presented it to me as a song that was “made for me” and I’ve been a bit obsessed with it ever since.

5. Movie – Tom Misch

I recently found this one, so it’s a current favourite. Tom Misch has one of my favourite voices ever ever. It’s really hard to pick only five favourites, they change all the time because I’m constantly bombarding myself with new music!

NAHLI’s new EP – ‘Therapy Side A’ is out now! Listen here

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